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Keyboard Tray Systems

The main purpose of a Keyboard Tray System is to ensure that your wrists are in a neutral position when computing. Typically, this is needed when the user's desk and therefore keyboard/mouse are at a higher level than elbow height. Typing with wrists and arms higher than elbow height  can cause strain and discomfort and could lead to a variety of soft tissue injuries.
fitzBODY's product offering provides the ultimate in ergonomic design and function for all desking requirements.
• The keyboard tray adjusts effortlessly to your ideal height and easily retracts out of the way when not needed
• The 1/2” thin platform's low profile design makes more room for the user's knees 
• Built in tilt and height range indicators make it easy to adjust the keyboard to the same position each time for consistent ergonomic positioning
• Keyboard tray adjusts from 10 degrees positive to 15 degrees negative
• Made from 100% post consumer waste and is 100% recyclable
• Materials are recycled, extruded, cut and shipped from the same factory
• Proudly made in North America
• 5 Year Warranty