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Monitor & Laptop Mounts

Monitor arms and laptop supports are flexible mounting devices. The arms and support allow the monitor or laptop to be suspended over the desktop, freeing your desk space for productive use. With the arm/support in place, you will discover a dramatic gain in work space. The monitor arm or laptop support allows easy re-positioning of the monitor or laptop, and allow for continual adjustment throughout the workday. You are no longer locked into one permanent viewing position. Awkward viewing angles quickly become a thing of the past, since you can re-position the monitor each time you feel the need. At desks shared by multiple users, monitor arms are particularly useful, because each user is able to customize the monitor position according to his/her specific needs. The same monitor can be used from a sitting or standing position, and can easily accommodate users of different heights. Monitor arms and laptop supports make it easy to quickly re-position a monitor, change from a sitting to standing usage, or even swing one monitor between two desks. Equipped with an arm, one monitor is able to serve multiple purposes, thereby increasing the return on the technology investment.


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