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ONGO® Stool

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ONGO® Classic


Modern living means mobility, change, and acceleration. Everything around us is in motion. The only thing that stays in place is us – and increasingly, our society is becoming a seated one.

If we do not move our bodies, we lose muscle tone, our posture deteriorates, and we tend to lose spirit and motivation. Let's get back to real everyday living, which will do us good. And let's start with how we sit.

 The ONGO®Classic is available in two different seat heights:

  • ONGO®Classic regular, adjustable height between 42 and 64 cm (16.5 - 25.25")

  • ONGO®Classic tall, adjustable height between 55 and 77 cm (21.5 - 30.25")

The regular ONGO®Classic is suitable for standard table heights. The height can be adjusted to your ideal seat height. To ensure optimum blood circulation, your legs should form a slightly open angle (slightly greater than 90 degrees) in relation to your upper body.

The tall ONGO®Classic is designed for the growing number of desks with adjustable heights because it "grows" easily with them. When used as a tall stool, your legs should create a 135 degree angle in relation to the upper body for optimal circulation. The beauty is that you can use it at a tall desk or conference table or at the bar in the kitchen as a tall stool or as a shorter one in its low position.



  • 2013 Product Innovations — Merit
  • 2013 ADEX Award — Platinum

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