Just Vertical

AEVA Indoor Garden

  • A statement piece of sustainable green furniture that grows herbs, vegetables, and flowers indoors year-round for your entire household.

    Simple to use and hassle-free, the AEVA always comes fully assembled and will be dropped off at the front of your door. Ships within 1 - 3 weeks.

    What’s included in the AEVA

    · 1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir

    · 1x Power bar with GFCI attachment

    · 1x Pump housing and black box

    · 1x Submersible pump

    · 2x LED lights and lighting automation system

    · 1x Wall anchors

    · 1x Just Vertical Starter Kit

    Starter Kit

    16x Seed pods (4 lettuce, 4 arugula, 4 kale and 4 basil)

    · 1x Seedling Kit for 24 plant sites

    · 1x 60ml of Nutrients of Aqua Vega A

    · 1x 60ml of Nutrients of Aqua Vega B