Contour Design

Contour Mouse | Wired-Small-Right

  • Ideal for a small right hand!

    The Contour Mouse promotes more neutral hand positioning and enables people to use larger muscles in upper arm and shoulder. Other devices force the user to strain smaller forearm and hand muscles.

    Ergonomic Benefits:

    Reduces Pronation – There is a notch on one side in which to place your thumb, and the mouse slopes downward on the opposite side. This puts your hand at a 17 (degree) angle, which is a more natural position for your hand.

    No Need to Grip – This design means that the force of gravity on the hand alone provides all the control required to move the mouse; there is no need to grip the mouse.

    Reduces Pain and Force of Clicking – The tips of the fingers should hang over the end of the mouse slightly, which allows the user to click with the base of the first segment of the finger; meaning the user is not bending, hovering or lifting up the finger, resulting in 1/10th of the muscles required to perform the clicking action. Because the fingers are not poised in preparation to click, the “clicking fingers” remain relaxed, outstretched and supported at all times.