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Foot Flexor Footrest

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Your feet should always be firmly supported when sitting and working.  When feet are left dangling, poor circulation in our feet and legs occurs. The foot flexor's platform glides back and forth on the frame allowing you to mobilize your legs throughout the day. It also has a rubber surface so your feet won’t slide off! And unlike many footrests on the market, the foot flexor is very stable and won't easily move out of place.The foot flexors come in 2 sizes, ideal for users of a shorter stature and also aid in keeping your body in place in the chair.
Regular Foot Flexor Specifications:
  • 18”W x 11 ½” D
  • 3 ½” Tall
Tall Foot Flexor Specifications:
  • 18”W x 11 ½” D
  • 6” tall

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