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Ergonomists love it. Designers too. The tCentric Hybrid © looks great, is truly ergonomic and proudly made in North America.

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A comfortable solution for both dedicated and multiple office tasks, geoCentric chairs come standard with seat depth adjustment...

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Featured Products

Award-winning alternatives to the traditional mouse, such as the RollerMouse Red or the Unimouse, designed to help reduce strain and eliminate pain while mousing.

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Specialty Chairs & Stools

Commercial grade seating designed for specific environments, industries, tasks and differing body sizes.

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Our mission is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace by providing proven, reliable, ergonomic solutions of the highest calibre, at a competitive price for any work environment.

We named our company fitzBODY because most workplaces are designed to fit the masses and not your body. Just like a pair of shoes, if they don't fit then you are subject to pain, injury and poor performance.



  • "I work from my home office & I am working on a computer & phone for 8 hrs a day. My back & neck were aching by the end of each day, my chair was just not working for me. I needed to find a solution to make my day less painful, so I spoke to Joel Young at fitzBODY."

    Alison Taylor, Gant Travel, Oakville, ON

  • "I’ve struggled with back problems for years and just recently had surgery. I was pleased to work with Joel and fitzBODY. His personalized service and expertise really helped me purchase a chair that worked for me."

    Richard Anderson, Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON

  • "As an avid cook, I spend a lot of time over the kitchen sink, peeling and chopping fruits, veggies, shrimps etc. etc. that by the end of the day, my back is stiff and sore. Through a friend, I heard about fitzBODY. I spoke with Joel and he suggested I try the ONGO Stool."

    Sarasu Mahendran, Milton, ON

  • "I cannot thank you enough for the new keyboard system. I have noticed the keyboard and the tray gives my wrist added support. I used to experience pains in my wrist if I typed too much but now my wrists do not get sore. Many thanks!"

    Jenny Johnson, Halton Womens Place, Burlington, ON