Contour Design

RollerMouse MOBILE - Latest version of the RollerMouse is now available!

  • Mouse safely wherever you go with the most compact RollerMouse to date!


    Designed to sit directly in front of you allowing you to stay in a neutral posture and work ambidextrously.

    Approximately 4" shorter and 2" narrower, the RollerMouse Mobile is a mini version of the award-winning RollerMouse Red but with enhanced features like Bluetooth capability and a padded protective case that can be converted into a palm rest.

    Dimensions: 12" x 2.2" x 9"

    Weight: 0.6 lb

    Operating System: Windows | OSX

    Plug & Play

    Connection: Wireless w/ 2.4 G Dongle | Bluetooth 5.1

    2 year warranty