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About Our Founder

Our Founder

Joel Young

Ergonomics Specialist with over 25 years experience
Born and raised in Toronto, Joel has been in the health, safety, and ergonomics industry for over 25 years and couldn't love it more. Since then, Joel has been providing proven ergonomic solutions to corporations, government and individuals. His philosophy: organizations and individuals can reduce their risk of injury, improve their workplace comfort and increase their productivity by following the fundamental ergonomic principle, fitting the workplace to the worker. When Joel’s not busy building the brand, he’s either in the kitchen, participating in team sports, or traveling to faraway places.
Our mission is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace by providing proven, reliable, ergonomic solutions of the highest calibre, at a competitive price for any work environment.
We named our company fitzBODY because most workplaces are designed to fit the masses and not your body. Just like a pair of shoes, if they don't fit then you are subject to pain, injury and poor performance.
Working with some of North America's top ergonomic consultants since 1993 has allowed us to become experts in providing laser-focused, ergonomic solutions ...essentially saving you valuable time and money. We have done the groundwork by sourcing the best ergonomic solutions. 
Contact us today. We would love the opportunity to help assist you personally in improving your comfort, productivity as well as reducing the risk of soft tissue injuries while at work.