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Mouse, Keyboard and Laptop Stand for Laptop Users

Contour Design

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Bundle & Save with Contour Design's Travel Kit LITE


The new Travel Kit Lite is designed to provide you with ergonomic tools to boost your comfort and productivity when working away from the office.


The 4 piece Travel Kit Lite with our Balance Keyboard, Laptop Stand, Wireless Unimouse, and Travel Sleeve is best suited for those who only have a laptop and are looking for a serious ergonomic overhaul of their remote workstation. The complimentary Travel Sleeve allows users to securely fit their entire Travel Kit into one convenient sleeve.

The 2 piece Travel Kit Lite comes with our Laptop Stand and Wireless Unimouse. Perfect for those who are on the go and already have a preferred external keyboard. The Laptop Stand and Unimouse are both fully adjustable, allowing users to make sure their screen is at the right height and their hand is in the most comfortable posture.