Contour Design

RollerMouse Red PLUS



    Bigger Palm Support for More Comfort

    RollerMouse is an ergonomic alternative to the traditional mouse that sits directly in front of your keyboard. You move the cursor by touching the rollerbar lightly with your fingertips and/or thumbs.

    The traditional mouse forces you to use your arms, back, shoulders, neck, hands, and wrists to perform a simple task - moving the cursor on a computer screen. This is the root of many potential problems, from repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel to Tendonitis or simply causing pain.

    A solid, sleek design provides easy cursor movement and pinpoint accuracy control.

    Also available in a standard size for those who desire a smaller palm rest depth.

    Why RollerMouse is a better way to work.


    You can move the cursor using both hands. This helps avoid discomfort and prevent pain by varying your position.

    Eliminates reaching

    It is placed in the middle of the recommended work comfort zone, eliminating long and repetitive reaching movements.

    Lessens unnecessary body movements

     Substantially reduces unnecessary movements of the back, neck, and shoulders to be involved in mouse work.

    No grip required

    It is stationary and grip-less, reducing static and tense positions.


    Built-in palm supports help you avoid resting your weight on your wrists, reducing stress and strain. and the risk of inducing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Smaller Footprint

    Ideal for those who don't have enough space to the right or left for a traditional mouse.